Time Management Newsletter - MAY 2018

TIME MANAGEMENT NEWSLETTER MAY 2018 Stay Ahead in Construction Management OSHA-certified instructor Jim Rogers has 25+ years in building, labour relations, and occupational safety. Jim Rogers has over 25 decades of expertise in areas including building project management, labour relations, occupational safety, and health training and instruction. He's improved his skills and experience though a exceptional career path that has given him many nontraditional opportunities for advancement and learning. Time Management Training At Paramount, we understand the needs of your staff and are ready to cover their training needs in over 300 different courses. Time management training for example, looks into prioritising your workload, increasing output and ensuring all those deadlines are met not only on time but to the quality you need! This and many other courses are available in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and many more Australia wide loca
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